The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two journalists who fought for freedom of expression in countries where that isn’t a given. Even in places where Democratic ideas live in darkness, there is light. BTW, these are the first journalists to receive the prize since 1935. Kudos.

Media, tech, and culture news from the UK to the Middle East, Korea, and the US. From a sheik who’s spying on his wife, to a violent, funny, streamer from Korea. it’s all here in todays “Radice Files.”

Mark Zuckerberg finally surfaces after a devastating week for Facebook, and denies everything, except the need for Congress to step up. But that begs the question, how did your life change when the Facebook Apps went down? Not much if you don’t rely on them, but tons of company relays…

Early edition:

At 11:30pm in the UK Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and What’s App were still down, but slowly coming back after hours off line. Today, the FB whistleblower testifies on The Hill and the stock closed down nearly 5% on the day. If I didn’t know better I’d say Facebook…

World leaders, politicians and billionaires, beware. This is what good investigative journalism can do.

You know the next line. You never know what you’re going to get.

Today we have a veritable plethora, nay, a cornucopia of interesting things to peruse. 😊

Happy Sunday.

Unions are still the tip of the content production spear. TV, streaming, and movies could be effectively shut down if IA goes out on strike as other unions honor the action. If the companies don’t make an honest deal, will the industry go through a major change like the ATC…

The strategy and game playing between YoutubeTV, Hulu, Comcast, and Disney, feels a lot like the carriage wars back when cable was just beginning. Bundling, MVPDs, all that rigamarole, can’t be good for the user. In the end, it’s about money, and guess who has to pay the freight.


I want to rant about what’s happening on Capitol Hill. I want to scream about anti vaxers. I want to yell about Facebook. I want to tell the MSM to stop talking about the former guy. I want to urge people to stop telling lies, and tamp down the violent…

The Senate military hearings had me throwing things at my TV. In fact, all of the Capitol Hill shenanigans have me doing that as well. I’d be much happier just listening to the music, so I did. Oh, and by the way, the new James Bond kills. Gotta IMAX it.

Frank Radice

Emmy winning journalist, producer, director, composer, and author. Sharing content about tech, politics, media, and culture, and writing about the New Normal.

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