The Radice Files — Episode 5: The Non Fungible Edition

Non fungible tokens, crypto currency, SPACS, blockchain. Every time I think we’re done, they pull me back in. Maybe I’m just not hip enough. I do have Bitcoin, I understand the blockchain, I can see the “why” of SPACS, but NFT’s just feel weird to me. I think it could be one of the bright spots for the creator community hard hit by the virus, but I think it’s a prime target, and liable to crash hard.

Viva Las Vegas.

There’s Nothing to Do Except Gamble

Welcome to the non-fungible, memeified, cryptodenominated, degenerate future of finance. Something is changing in how we think about money. Maybe the question we should be asking isn’t “What is an NFT?” but “What is money now?”

A ‘Simpsons’ episode comically predicts bitcoin’s price will surge to infinity — and GameStop’s stock will fluctuate ridiculously in the future | Currency News | Financial and Business News | Markets Insider

The Simpsons/CBS/Late Show with David Letterman/Nik Oiko/Aimee Dilger/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images A ‘Simpsons’ episode fi…

Apple Developing Gadget that Combines Apple TV and HomePod Speaker and Camera | Next TV

It’s reportedly one of several developing products that could enable the Cupertino, Calif. tech giant to better compete with Amazon in Google in the area of smart home

Advertising industry expected to make a major COVID comeback — Axios

“Poised to regain all that it lost in 2020 and more.”

The world was already shifting towards ethics-based marketing, and the Coronavirus pandemic has only pushed it further in that direction. Once all of this passes, customers won’t remember your taglines or your video editing. They’re going to remember what you stood for and what you did.

CBS News Chief Zirinsky Nears Deal to Return to Production Roots — WSJ

CBS News President Susan Zirinsky is nearing a deal to step down after just two years in the role and sign a wide-ranging production partnership with parent company ViacomCBS Inc.

Univision Buys Televisa’s Content Assets in $4.8 Billion Deal

Univision is buying Grupo Televisa’s content assets in a $4.8 billion transaction that will combine two major Spanish-language producers.

‘Cash Cab’ Meets Uber Where Advertisers Gather Viewing Data Via Octopus Tablets

Octopus, the latest market entrant in the geotargeted-media-for ride-hail sector, prepares for national expansion. Can another side hustle on top of the driving side hustle go wide?

Jeff Bezos endorsed higher corporate tax rates. But it won’t cost him much

A year ago, Joe Biden, then the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, was picking a fight with Amazon over how little it paid Uncle Sam. Now Biden is president, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is on a lonely island supporting the White House’s plan — to raise corporate taxes.

Who knew

Zoom Fatigue: The Differing Impact on Introverts and Extroverts — WSJ

Video tools take a toll on both kinds of personalities — sometimes in surprising ways.

i love zoom, it gets my juices flowing, until I’m over juiced and come down.

A Clash of Wills Keeps a Leonardo Masterpiece Hidden

The Louvre inspected the “Salvator Mundi” and certified it as the work of Leonardo da Vinci. But it kept those findings secret after a squabble with the painting’s owners.

Mick Jagger Recruits Dave Grohl for New Song on Pandemic Life, ‘Eazy Sleazy’

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Frank Radice

Emmy winning journalist, producer, director, composer, and author. Sharing content about tech, politics, media, and culture.