The Radice Files — Episode 101 “When is a shopping cart a trolley?”

Frank Radice
4 min readJul 22, 2021

When it’s on “Peppa Pig!”

Peppa Pig, a Pandemic Favorite, Has American Children Acting British — WSJ

After binge-watching the British cartoon about a preschooler pig during lockdowns, children across the U.S. are surprising their parents with their unusual vocabularies and distinct accents. ‘Can we turn the telly on?’

Where Is the Blue Origin Launch Site, How Will New Shepard Land After Jeff Bezos’ Flight?

The Amazon founder and three others will be blasted into space on Tuesday in the aerospace company’s first crewed mission.

Private Israeli spyware used to hack journalists and activists around the world, according to Pegasus Project report

According to an investigation conducted by the Washington Post and 16 other media partners, a private Israeli firm licensed military-grade spyware to several foreign government groups known to engage in surveillance of their own citizens. NSO Group was found to have licensed Pegasus spyware to countries that targeted 50,000 phone numbers belonging to journalists, activists, business executives, heads of state, prime ministers, members of the Saudi royal family and Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancee among others. NSO called the allegations baseless and said they do not have knowledge of their clients’ specific activities, according to the Washington Post.

Feds step up pressure on social media over false COVID-19 claims | TheHill

Social media companies are facing new pressure from the federal government to crack down on health misinformation as the Biden administration makes a push to encourage reluctant Americans to get COVID-19 vaccines.&n

Theater Owners Blast Disney for Making ‘Black Widow’ Available Immediately on Streaming

The National Association of Theatre Owners says the decision is responsible for the superhero pic’s “stunning collapse” on the big screen.

Facebook Doubles Down on Rebuke of Biden’s Allegation That It’s ‘Killing People’ With COVID Misinformation

Facebook is doubling down in its rebuttal to President Biden’s assertion that it is “killing people” with COVID misinformation.

Trump team’s pre-debate prep included a ‘party’ with Aerosmith. The hard rockers still threatened to sue later.

“So we sat there with Aerosmith about an hour before the debate, swapping stories of Aerosmith as opposed to doing debate prep,” then-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said of the surreal soirée.

Sacha Baron Cohen Sues Cannabis Company for $9 Million Over Billboard, Thumbs Nose at Weed

Sacha Baron Cohen has sued a cannabis company for $9 million, claiming it exploited his likeness and fame as Borat on a highway billboard.

Gillmor Gang: Catching Up — TechCrunch

As the pandemic dwindled enough to get in our car with dogs, SiriusXM, and our children in the rear view mirror, we drove to South Carolina. Tina had endured the last year and almost another half while her mother languished with aging pets, her husband in a facility, and eventually his death. As the miles […]

Britney Spears: #FreeBritney activists celebrate win this week — CNN

When Britney Spears celebrated a win in court this week, she used the #FreeBritney for the first time. For some of her most loyal and vocal supporters, it the news gave them cause to celebrate on two fronts.

As New York Reopens, It Looks for Culture to Lead the Way — The New York Times

The arts — Broadway, nightclubs, museums, concert halls — are coming back to life after the shutdown. Getting it right will be vital to the city’s comeback.

And finally…

This Anglo-Saxon cave dwelling may have been home to an English king who became a saint

Archaeologists in England have identified a near-complete Anglo-Saxon cave house. They say it might once have been the home of a king who became a saint.



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