The Radice Files — Episode 115: “Brought to you by the Tyrell Corporation ”

Big tech’s big week raises fears of ‘Blade Runner future’ of mega-company rule | Technology | The Guardian

Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft all reported record-breaking profits but recent Biden administration moves suggest US tech’s easy ride is over

Murdochs’ Sky News Australia Suspended From YouTube Over COVID-19 Misinformation

One-week suspension comes as News Corp Australia faces internal and external pressure over COVID-19 coverage

Disney vs. Scarlett Johansson is just the start of growing pains for Hollywood and streaming — CNN

Like other changes to entertainment distribution through the years, the studio shift toward streaming — hastened by the unforeseen consequences of the pandemic — has Hollywood talent and their representatives demanding a different way to be paid.

Paving the Way for a U.S. Infrastructure Supercycle | Morgan Stanley

Learn why U.S. infrastructure spending could pave the way for a building-materials supercycle, which could spill over to the rest of the economy.

Disney Strikes Back Over Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Black Widow’ Lawsuit, Reveals Her $20 Million Payday — Update

‘Black Widow’ star Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney for breach of contract over its release of the film on Disney+ the same day it opened in theaters

Dolly Parton invested royalties from Whitney Houston song into Black community in Nashville | TheHill

Legendary musician Dolly Parton said that she invested royalties from a Whitney Houston song to a local Black community in Nashville, Tenn.,

This Week in Apps: iOS 15 public beta arrives, Android App Bundles to replace APKs, app consumer spend hits new record — TechCrunch

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. The app industry continues to grow, with a record 218 billion downloads and $143 billion in global consumer spend in 2020. Consumers last year also spent 3.5 trillion minutes using apps on Android devices […]

Apple Reveals How iPhones And Macs Could Add Stunning New Feature

Apple patents have revealed how stunning new features could be added to iPhones and Macs in the near future.

CBS Signs New Overall Deal With ‘Star Trek’ Showrunner Alex Kurtzman

Deal with Kurtzman’s production banner Secret Hideout runs through 2026

Facing an employee walkout, Activision Blizzard CEO says his company’s response to lawsuit was ‘tone deaf’ — CNN

Activision Blizzard’s CEO Bobby Kotick admitted that the gaming company’s response to a California discrimination lawsuit was “tone deaf” amid a growing employee backlash and accusations of a “frat boy” work culture.

Silent Vibrations: Embracing Sound in Yoga | Made Music Studio

Sound influences your mental state, and we can use it to bring positivity, calm and concentration to our daily practices, both yogic and not.

New apartment rental system aimed at Seattle’s tech workers breaks all the rules

The tech industry is upending another staple of city life: a fixed lease for an…

A Brain Drain Among Government Scientists Bogs Down Biden’s Climate Ambitions — The New York Times

Hundreds of scientists and policy experts left the government during the Trump administration. The jobs remain unfilled nearly six months into President Biden’s term, slowing his climate agenda.

As MTV Turns 40, It’s Time to Embrace the Generation That Grew Up With It (Column)

MTV turns 40 on Aug. 1, 2021. Revive MTV’s zombie linear channel and gear it toward the original MTV generation, Michael Schneider writes.

Dolly Parton reveals Whitney Houston inspired her quiet investment of ‘I Will Always Love You’ royalties into Black neighborhood — The Washington Post

Houston’s cover, recorded for “The Bodyguard” in 1992, became a global sensation 18 years after Parton penned the song.

A new kind of hero? Last week’s emotional TV may be a sign | TheHill

Not long ago, pressure to keep their emotions in check was intense. Now, only their critics seem small.

And finally…this looks amazing!

Small Town News: KPVM Pahrump (2021): Official Trailer | HBO

“I’m 24/7. I do the dishes, vacuum, feed the chickens and dog.”Small Town News, an HBO original documentary series that celebrates the can-do spirit, communi…



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