The Radice Files — Episode 120 ”100 billion minutes”

The streamers are dancing in the street at the huge numbers they’re seeing. The consumers are awash in content (some great, some good, some…not so good). The creators must share that wealth.

Niche Streamers Seeing Double The Growth Of The Bigs As Netflix, Hulu Market Share Drops — TV[R]EV

New competitors are cutting notably into the market dominance of Netflix and Hulu, even as overall growth in subscribers is booming, especially among niche providers.

Pluto TV Reaches $1 Billion Annual Revenue Milestone A Year Ahead Of Schedule

Pluto TV, which was founded in 2014, has become a $1 billion-a-year business a year ahead of schedule.

What Streaming Upstart CNN Can Learn From Fox Nation and Other Competitors

CNN announced late last month that its streamer, CNN+, is due in early 2022, years behind the competition. What can CNN learn?

Study: Pandemic TV habits here to stay |

As more Americans are approaching what their lives looked like before Covid, their attitudes are beginning to return to normal. However, Hub Entertainment Resea

4 reasons hybrid offices won’t work

The CEO of Neighbor insists that “as a result of one major unfortunate disaster, we have rashly set aside centuries of collective learnings about collaboration and teamwork.”

Troika IO Launches NFT 360 App

App to serve as a resource to explain all things crypto, NFT to brands.

‘Bring Your Own Brigade’ Review: Some Say the World Will End in Fire — The New York Times

In her new documentary, Lucy Walker looks at California’s apocalyptic fires and finds more than the usual smoke and politics.

Ron Meyer Is Adviser to Qatar Royal Family After Universal Exit

Ron Meyer will serve as an adviser to Qatar’s Doha Film Institute, representing Qatar in investments in the film business.

A case for conversational marketing automation: 89% of customers prefer messaging brands | The Drum

While the future of retail may be largely digital, we know there will be an equally large focus on meaningful communication with consumers. It’s a strategic space to navigate, as the already crowded e-commerce marketplace has become that much busier because of the pandemic. Sure, customers are used to shopping online, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to call on sales reps anymore, whether for help or recommendations. They just want to connect a little differently now.

NBC Sees Low Ratings During a Difficult Olympics — The New York Times

The pandemic has dimmed what is typically a festive television event, contributing to low ratings and complaints from advertisers.

NBCU Claims Tokyo Olympics Have Generated 100 Billion Minutes of Viewing | Broadcasting+Cable

While low ratings and empty arenas have painted a negative picture of the Tokyo Olympics, NBCUniversal said the games have made a strong impression, generating more than 100 billion minutes of viewing across all platforms as of Wednesday.

LeBron James’ Springhill to Produce Native American Basketball Film ‘Rez Ball’ at Netflix

“Reservation Dogs” filmmaker Sydney Freeland to co-write and direct movie about “reservation ball” style of play

How Amazon interfered with Alabama union election -NLRB official | Reuters

E-commerce giant Inc (AMZN.O) interfered with a union election by installing a mailbox to collect ballots and by distributing paraphernalia encouraging employees to vote against organizing, according to a report by a U.S. National Labor Relations Board hearing officer.

Herbert Schlosser, NBC Exec Who Came Up With Idea for ‘SNL,’ Dies at 95

Schlosser wrote a 1975 memo that served as the basis for the longrunning sketch comedy show

And finally…

British Airways safety video — director’s cut



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