The Radice Files — Episode 129: “Afghan journalists carry on, In Fear”

Afghans Working for U.S. Government Radio Fear Taliban Backlash — The New York Times

The Afghans working for the U.S. government broadcasters in Kabul have long been targets of the insurgents, who killed a journalist in November.

Afghan journalists are ‘absolutely petrified’ amid the Taliban takeover — CNN

As Taliban forces seize control in Afghanistan, global news outlets are struggling to stay safe and continue reporting. But local journalists could be at greater risk.

Apple opens the encryption Pandora’s box — Axios

Apple’s controversial plan to scan iPhones for illegal content is built around a promising technical approach.

Apple, why can’t we set more default apps besides email and browsers? | iMore

When Apple let us change the default apps for email and web browsing, we were hoping that there would be more options in the future. Almost a year later and that’s pretty much all we get — it’s time for change.

Augmented Reality Is Coming for Your Ears, Too | WIRED

New software applications are cleverly mapping audio to transport users to another space.

SCAREDY FOX: Why Did FOX News Just Censor Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ Rant? The Pending Lawsuits Maybe?

A startling event occurred on Sunday that may be unique in modern times. Donald Trump’s spokes-shill, Liz Harrington, posted a tweet that exposed a bona fide case of media censorship. But this …

The Havana Syndrome Mystery and How the U.S. Plans to Solve It

Everything we know about the strange symptoms plaguing U.S. personnel abroad and even near the White House. A new CIA task force is working to identify the causes of the Havana syndrome, which may be microwave energy devices used by Russians.

‘Check your DM’s!’: LeVar Burton Enthusiastically Responds to Ava DuVernay Wanting to Create a Show for Him to Host Following ‘Jeopardy!’ Snub

“Jeopardy!” fans feeling the sting of LeVar Burton losing out on hosting the trivia game show may have a reason to renew their hope of seeing him on

Bankruptcy for OAN? Dominion Libel Suit Risky for San Diego Cable Outlet — California News Times

San Diego-based owner One America News Rachel Maddow was accused of defamation, and they ridiculed the liberal TV presenter’s First Amendment rights. OAN lost and ordered to pay Madou’s lawyer costs $ 247,000. Now the shoes are on the other leg. Herring Networks, OAN’s parent, has called for the protection of constitutional freedom of speech. …

The days of traditional broadcasting are numbered and broadcasting via cloud is the new normal, the Tokyo Olympics are evidence of this phenomenal breakthrough | SME Futures

Amagi, an Indian broadcasting cloud solutions provider has, by deploying UHD playout and cloud automation solutions in the Tokyo Olympics, set the narrative for Indian broadcasters. With these cloud solutions, broadcasters can empower their processes and create unparalleled experiences for their viewers, breaking away from the current archaic work system

‘The Lost Leonardo’ Documentary Reveals the True Story Behind A Supposed Renaissance Masterpiece

The new documentary, “The Lost Leonardo,” traces the wild ride of a lost renaissance painting, “The Salvatore Mundi,” thought to be painted by Leonard da Vinci.

Marc Ribot Makes the Case for Loud Music ‹ Literary Hub

Hi. My name is Marc. I’m a guitarist who points extremely loud amplifiers directly at his head. Very often. Sometimes as often as 200 nights a year for the past 45 years. Audiologists say this coul…

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Emmy winning journalist, producer, director, composer, and author. Sharing content about tech, politics, media, and culture, and writing about the New Normal.

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Frank Radice

Frank Radice

Emmy winning journalist, producer, director, composer, and author. Sharing content about tech, politics, media, and culture, and writing about the New Normal.

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