The Radice Files — Episode 133: “Signs of the times”

The ACM’s are moving to the stream, news is making inroads there as well, so too, sports. The conventional wisdom has been that traditional broadcasting would be a safe haven for live specials, news, and sports. There goes that theory.

WATCH: Taliban Fighters Charge at CNN’s Clarissa Ward, Threaten to Strike Her Team Outside Kabul Airport

CNN’s Clarissa Ward had another moment of professionalism in Kabul when she maintained her composure as Taliban fighters threatened to attack her and her team.

U.S. Media Organizations Scramble to Get Hundreds of Afghan Colleagues to Safety

The process to resettle Afghans who worked with U.S. media is riddled with red tape, and confusing guidelines are leaving some journalists behind.

How Social Media Helped ‘Taliban 2.0’ Take Control of Afghanistan

The modern, tech-savvy Taliban aren’t the same as they were 20 years ago. Now they’re using the internet to control the narrative — and assert their dominance.

Academy of Country Music Awards Move to Amazon for 2022

CBS had aired the show since 1998

Cable Operators Continued Explosive Broadband Growth in Q2, Now Control 70% of the U.S. Wireline HSI Market | Next TV

Overall wireline broadband connections grew at their highest rate in a decade, save for the blowout quarter of Q2 2020

Meet the archivist who saved the historic footage that became ‘Summer of Soul’

How Joe Lauro of Historic Films uncovered the trove of 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival footage for the Sundance Festival winner.

Elon Musk Unveils Humanoid Robot to Take Over ‘Boring’ Work — Bloomberg

As Elon Musk stood in the wings at Tesla Inc.’s AI day, a person dressed in a skintight white suit and grey space helmet did a jerky robot dance across the stage.

Digital Addictions Are Drowning Us in Dopamine — WSJ

Rising rates of depression and anxiety in wealthy countries like the U.S. may be a result of our brains getting hooked on the neurotransmitter associated with pleasure.

Facebook launches “Horizon Workrooms” for virtual offices — here’s how it works — CBS News

Mark Zuckerberg revealed the new virtual reality app in an exclusive interview with “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King.

‘Eternals’ Villain The Deviants Teased Final Marvel Trailer — The Hollywood Reporter

The Eternals’ final trailer introduces the new villains The Deviants to the Marvel mythos.

RTDNA honors Susan Zirinsky with 2021 Paul White Award

Visibility, advocacy, training, resources, networking and awards for electronic journalists.

Facebook’s New Bet on Virtual Reality: Conference Rooms — The New York Times

The pandemic has renewed interest in virtual reality. Facebook is trying to capitalize with a new virtual meeting room service.

Hank Azaria to Play Apple CEO Tim Cook in Showtime’s Uber Series ‘Super Pumped’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is on board to play Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick

Twitter rolls out a series of improvements to its Direct Message system — TechCrunch

Have you ever tried to share a funny tweet with a few friends via Twitter DM, only to accidentally start a group chat? You’re not alone. Today, Twitter announced that it will roll out a few quality of life improvements to its direct messaging system over the next few weeks, including the ability to DM […]

David Droga to succeed Brian Whipple as CEO at Accenture Interactive | The Drum

David Droga, the founder and chairman of Droga5, has been appointed as the chief executive of Accenture Interactive as current chief Brian Whipple readies for retirement.

New ‘Jeopardy!’ host Mike Richards once made disparaging comments about women, according to audio clips — The Washington Post

The release of the podcast clips follows the announcement that Mike Richards will succeed Alex Trebek as “Jeopardy!” host.

New Video Shows How Well a Cop in a Jet Suit Fairs Against Suspects

Policemen guard our towns and cities against multiple and varied threats. Would giving them ‘wings’ make them more effective at containing threats?

Newly minted: Reviewing JetBlue’s brand new business class from London to New York — The Points Guy UK

Back in April of 2019, JetBlue Airways shared plans to launch its very first intercontinental nonstop service to London from both Boston and New York-JFK.

Why Don’t Black Holes Swallow All of Space? This Explanation Is Blowing Our Minds

Black holes are great at sucking up matter. So great, in fact, that not even light can escape their grasp (hence the name).

‘Paw Patrol: The Movie’ Review: Big-Screen Cartoon Entertains and Educates

Cute doggies save the day — but this is also an insightful and kid-friendly look at trauma and anxiety

And finally…

The Isley Brothers: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

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Emmy winning journalist, producer, director, composer, and author. Sharing content about tech, politics, media, and culture, and writing about the New Normal.

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Frank Radice

Frank Radice

Emmy winning journalist, producer, director, composer, and author. Sharing content about tech, politics, media, and culture, and writing about the New Normal.

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