The Radice Files — Episode 137: “You are not a horse”

Frank Radice
5 min readAug 24, 2021

Horse and cow worming medicine is for horses and cows. It’s not an anti Covid drug. Seriously. I’m not going to say any more about it. Neither should Fox News.

Netflix Top 10: The streaming service’s clickbait problem threatens to ruin it.

The streaming service has discovered the allure of clickbait. You won’t believe what happens next.

Sony Vows to Protect Theatrical Exclusivity: ‘It’s the Window, Stupid!’

CinemaCon 2021: Simultaneous streaming/theatrical releases are “devastating to our collective businesses,” studio president Josh Greenstein says

NBCU Exec Calls for Industry to ‘Declare Measurement Independence’ From Nielsen

Kelly Abcarian, a top-ranking NBCUniversal data executive, has had it up to here with Nielsen. She joined the club Monday with a blog post

TiVo: North American Consumers Now Use an Average of 8.8 Video Services

The number of free and subscription video platforms regularly used by consumers has more than doubled in five years

Gillmor Gang: Cryptonomics — TechCrunch

Twitter seems on an aggressive path to putting pedal to the metal. From its earliest days as a failwhale generator and a ransacker of third party successes, the company under Jack Dorsey’s stewardship has become an acquirer of tools to support the creators it hosts. Twitter Spaces, its Clubhouse clone, has steadily improved its UI […]

Critics slam ‘over the top’ coverage of Biden’s Afghanistan response — CNN Video

Matthew Dowd says the media’s scathing coverage of the Afghanistan withdrawal has been “way over the top” and too reliant on “all the voices that got it wrong from day one.” Amanda Marcotte suggests that the fear of this “press over-reaction” likely made it difficult for past presidents to pull out troops.

Malcolm McDowell Learned 40 Years Later Why Gene Kelly Was Upset With ‘A Clockwork Orange’ Using “Singin’ in the Rain”

The legendary actor, dancer and musical filmmaker was born this day in 1912.

Monty Python star John Cleese to explore cancel culture in new Channel 4 documentary

John Cleese: Cancel Me will see the comedian ask if it is possible to create comedy without causing offence as he explores so-called cancel culture.

Vaccine Mandates Are ‘Mixed Bag’ for Movie Theaters, NATO CEO John Fithian Says (Video)

National Association of Theater Owners CEO John Fithian says vaccine mandates may be necessary for movie theaters to bounce back from the pandemic.

Can a TikTok resume get you hired? | LinkedIn

Over the pandemic, young professionals on the job hunt turned to the platform they have come to know and love: TikTok.

Report: ‘Adult content will save VR’ |

The VR adult content market is will grow from $716 million (€610.2m) in 2021 to $19 billion in 2026 — representing 22 per cent of the global digital adult con

Cable News Military Experts Are on the Defense Industry Dole

Many former military and public officials appearing in the news have more than a patriotic interest in a continued occupation.

Survey: Voice tech is at a tipping point with 31% of respondents using it daily — TechRepublic

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10 Habits of the Most Confident People |

Your success is directly correlated to your confidence. Here’s ten ways to develop a strong and confident mindset.

YouTube says its Partner Program now has 2 million members — The Verge

It hasn’t always been a smooth ride, but YouTube’s Partner Program, which offers creators on the platform a cut of ad revenue, has surpassed the 2 million creator mark, the company said.

TVN’s Women To Watch To Offer 2022 Predictions | TV News Check

The honorees of TVNewsCheck’s 2021 Women in Technology awards will offer their technology predictions for the industry in the coming year in a wide-ranging Working Lunch webinar. Register here.

7 most memorable ‘Daily Show’ guests of the past 25 years — Los Angeles Times

For the series’ 25th anniversary, we look back on a few of its most memorable guests, with insights from ‘The Daily Show’ bookers and showrunner.

Netflix’s ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Live-Action Series Sets Premiere Date; John Cho As Spike Spiegel Unveiled In First Look Images

‘Cowboy Bebop. ‘has finally touched down on Netflix, which unveiled the premiere date and first-look images for its live-action series.

And finally…only in New York



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