The Radice Files — Episode 147: “It’s the end of the world as we know it”

Fires, hurricanes, tornados, flooding, melting ice packs…and then there’s other acts of God…the pandemic, the invasion of the cicadas, and the stupidity of certain people taking horse de-wormer, not wearing masks, shunning the vaccine, and Texas. WTF is going on?

Also…ABBA is back!

Will Hollywood Boycott Texas Following Six-Week Abortion Ban? — Variety

How will Hollywood and other media players react to new restrictive abortion laws in Texas?

Her Florida TV station was hit by a hurricane. She moved to New Orleans, and it just happened again. — Poynter

Peyton LoCicero Trist works for WGNO and previously worked at WMBB — two stations that hurricanes have damaged.

Joe Rogan Says He Tested Positive for COVID-19, Takes Unproven Horse Dewormer

Joe Rogan on Wednesday posted a video to social media in which he revealed that he has COVID-19.

WhatsApp hit with €225M privacy fine — POLITICO

The penalty is the second largest under Europe’s revamped data protection standards.

Vice Media faces uncertain future after SPAC talks fall through

The once bright star of Vice Media could now face a darkening future after talks to go public through a special acquisition company fell through.

Apple’s AR/VR Headset Will Need Connection to Other Device Such as iPhone — The Information

New details of the custom chips designed by Apple for its forthcoming virtual reality and augmented reality headset indicate it will need to be wirelessly tethered to a phone or a similar device for the most advanced features, just as early versions of the Apple Watch required users to carry …

Get Ready For the New Fall Season | Next TV

In the new streaming ecosystem, seasonality doesn’t carry much weight

Live Streams, Flexible Forwarding, Jump to Next Channel, Trending Stickers and More

Telegram 8.0 brings live streams with unlimited viewers to groups and channels, options to remove captions from media and hide sender names when forwarding, an easy way to jump to the next unread channel without going back to your chat list, an improved sticker panel, new animated emoji and more.

Immersive art experiences | the 11 best digital art experiences | blooloop

Immersive art experiences are all the rage, with groups such as Meow Wolf and Culturespaces paving the way in the attractions industry.

ATSC Touts Gains On 3.0 Receivers, Datacasting | TV News Check

In a hybrid in-person/virtual, two-day conference last week, ATSC celebrated 43 markets with NextGen TV on the air and dozens more soon to follow as well as successes in datacasting and auto data delivery trials. Among the panels was one on successful trials of 3.0 data delivery to automobiles in Phoenix and Santa Barbara, Calif., conducted by Sony in conjunction with Pearl TV and the News-Press Gazette group.

Biden Justice Dept. releases details on seizures of journalists? records — The Washington Post

News media executives had pressed Attorney General Merrick Garland to be more transparent.

Opinion: ‘Jeopardy!’ clue: The person who eventually gets the beloved position on television she/he should have had all along — CNN

Peniel Joseph says the ouster of Mike Richards as executive producer at “Jeopardy!” is a reminder of how hard it is to fight systemic inequality and describes what it would mean for fans like him to see LeVar Burton on the screen as permanent host.

‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ Film Review: Marvel’s Martial-Arts Saga Nails the Characters and the Kicks

Tony Leung delivers what might be the superhero genre’s best performance yet in a film that blends dazzling fight choreography and dramatic depth

Olivia Rodrigo Has Reportedly Given Up Millions Of Dollars In Royalties To Taylor Swift And Hayley Williams After Being Accused Of Copying Their Songs

After comparisons were made between Rodrigo’s music and that of Taylor Swift and Paramore, the 18-year-old offered writing credits, which are proving to be costly.

Gene Simmons again claims “the fans killed [the music business],” and that rock music is unsustainable for “freckle-faced college kids” | | All Things Guitar

Gene Simmons has again criticised music fans and the industry at large for what he views as a failure to cultivate sustainable income in the face of “downloading and filesharing.”

What Your Rolex Says About You — Chrono24 Magazine

The Rolex brand looks upon a rich heritage that tells legendary stories of heroes and pioneers. What does your Rolex say about you? We’re taking a (not-so-serious) look!

How Miles Davis pioneered studio editing with On The Corner

Artist Stan Douglas discusses the influence of Miles Davis’ 1972 LP On The Corner on his A/V work Luanda-Kinshasa, currently showing at The Infinite Mix.

Abba delight fans with new 10-song album and virtual concert — BBC News

The Swedish pop legends reunite to record 10 new songs for their first studio album for 40 years.

And finally…today’s trailer

Dwayne Johnson Battles Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds in First ‘Red Notice’ Trailer (Video)

Netflix released the first teaser trailer for Dwayne Johnson’s action heist thriller “Red Notice” on Thursday morning.



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