The Radice Files — Episode 179: “Facebook hit on more than one front”

Frank Radice
5 min readOct 5, 2021

Early edition:

At 11:30pm in the UK Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and What’s App were still down, but slowly coming back after hours off line. Today, the FB whistleblower testifies on The Hill and the stock closed down nearly 5% on the day. If I didn’t know better I’d say Facebook was under attack. But the real lesson to be learned is…what’s your backup plan? Check out the story from my friend, Melissa Blum at M.T.Deco Agency. These are important ideas if you want to stay connected to your base.

And in other news…

If you are in the media business, you’d have to be living under a rock not to know about OZY. If you aren’t in the media business, you probably don’t know much about it. To me, that’s the real story. How can you maintain any kind of real media organization without public buy-in? The data was not there to support their story. Sure, OZY pulled in a lot of funding, and sure, they were the darling of big tech, (positioned as the future of news media), but that wasn’t enough. They failed to market the company in a way that promised it was a forward thinking enterprise? Instead they promoted the founder. That made for a muddy brand. Last week it was reported they were shuttering, Monday, the founder, Carlos Watson, said they’re open for business. If you’re confused, you are not alone.

Oh, and IATSE approved a strike authorization. Next step, negotiate from strength.

Facebook and Instagram Start to Come Back Online After Outage — The New York Times

A spokesman cautioned that it would take some time for all of the apps, including Instagram and WhatsApp, to stabilize.

What do you do when your social media is down? Here are 4 reasons to prioritize your owned platforms from M.T. Deco Agency

First off, what is an owned platform? An owned platform is one you have control over and is not manipulated by external forces like algorithms. Think websites, blogs and newsletters. Social platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Clubhouse are third-party compa

Facebook to take center stage at whistleblower hearing | TheHill

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen is set to give highly anticipated testimony to a Senate panel on Tuesday that the Silicon Valley giant ignored internal warnings about misinformation and dangerous content.

Carlos Watson Claims Ozy Is Still ‘Open for Business’ (Video)TheWrap

Founder and CEO says embattled company is having a “Lazarus moment,” but not shutting down

What Investors Saw in Ozy Media — The New York Times

The story behind the story is about the elite investors who plowed millions into a media dream without much due diligence, persuaded by the charm of Ozy’s head, Carlos Watson.

IATSE Members Approve Strike Authorization With 98% ApprovalTheWrap

Landslide vote sends IATSE negotiating team back to the negotiating table with new leverage

Voice is becoming a primary search technology | Computerworld

If your business isn’t investing in trying to reach the top of local search results, you should spend time thinking about how to do so, as voice-based search queries deliver locally-based results.

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Kelly Campbell Exits as Hulu President — Variety

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Watch ‘The Talk’ Introduce New Host Natalie Morales (Video)TheWrap

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And finally…

Teenie Weenie Bit o Your Love Teresa Russell The Savory Sessions ((stereo))



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