The Radice Files — Episode 183: “Truth”

Frank Radice
4 min readOct 9, 2021

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two journalists who fought for freedom of expression in countries where that isn’t a given. Even in places where Democratic ideas live in darkness, there is light. BTW, these are the first journalists to receive the prize since 1935. Kudos.

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Journalists From Russia and the Philippines

Dmitry Muratov and Maria Ressa were honored for “for their efforts to safeguard freedom of expression, which is a precondition for democracy and lasting peace”

Cord Cutting to Cost Pay TV Operators $33.6B in Revenue by 2025 | TV Tech

A new S&P Kagan report puts a hefty price tag on the cost of cord cutting with new forecasts for cable, satellite and telco multichannel revenue showing a 45% drop from the 2016 peak

How Apple plans to turn your iPhone into a controller for your car’s radio, seats, and more | T3

Deeper CarPlay integration isn’t far away

TikTok’s rapid growth shows the potency of video | The Economist

The app has amassed 1bn users faster than its predecessors | Graphic detail

Ignore the controversy — here’s what advertising can really gain from NFTs | The Drum

NFTs and blockchain technologies could revolutionize the way agencies do business, argues Small World co-founder Dan Salkey.

Netflix to edit ‘Squid Game’ phone number after woman inundated with calls | Reuters

A South Korean woman who was deluged with thousands of prank calls and text messages after her phone number was highlighted as a key plot point in Netflix’s hit show “Squid Game” may soon get some relief.

NBCUniversal Digital Vet Lisa Hsia, Who Helped Launch ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ Departing After 27 Years

Longtime NBCUniversal exec Lisa Hsia, who has worked in a wide variety of roles through the years at the company, is exiting after 27 years.

Stanley Tucci picks his favourite London restaurants | British GQ

Actor and bon viveur Stanley Tucci on his love of Italian food, where to eat in the capital, and how to make the perfect martini

Bilingual Comedy ‘Acapulco’ Brings Technicolor Charm, Sly Subversion to Apple TV Plus: TV Review

‘Acapulco,’ a new bilingual comedy from Apple TV Plus, is a slyly subversive charmer of a show.

Ordering This Starbucks Drink Is A Red Flag For Baristas

Let’s be honest, no baristas like to make venti Frappuccinos with a million pumps of each syrup. However, this particular Starbucks drink gives them more pause.

Ronnie Wood on final meeting with Rolling Stone bandmate Charlie Watts: ‘He was fed up’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV |

RONNIE WOOD recalled the last time he ever saw his Rolling Stones band mate Charlie Watts, weeks before his death on 24 August.

And finally…my friend, Bill Tush (on the right)

Tush News | Real People | George Schlatter



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