The Radice Files — Episode 21 “Into The Stream”

If you’ve followed me for a while you’d know that I’ve been bullish on streaming most content, while event TV, News and Sports would live on broadcast and somewhat on cable. Well, about broadcast and cable…never mind!

Comcast Earnings Beat Expectations Amid Shift to Streaming — The New York Times

As it takes the risk of transforming itself from a TV giant into a streaming start-up, the cable operator beat investors’ estimates in its first-quarter results.

Which Cable TV Channels Could Be on the Chopping Block? | Hollywood Reporter

The memo arrived out of the blue. On Jan. 22, NBC Sports Group chairman Pete Bevacqua told employees that NBC Sports Network, a cable channel launched in 1995 and available in some 80 million U.S. homes, would shut down by the end of this year. The major sporting events that ran on the channel, including NHL hockey games and NASCAR races, would move to Peacock, NBCUniversal’s new streaming service, and USA Network, the company’s largest cable channel.

Can niche streaming services co-exist with the giants of OTT? | The Drum

Whether you’re anime-obsessed, only ever watch slashers or get your kicks from wrestling, chances are there’s a streaming service specializing in your particular peccadillo. And while unlikely to ever threaten OTT’s giants, it is in these niche spaces that the ad-supported video-on-demand model could really find its home. We take a look as part of The Drum’s deep dive into the future of TV.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+: Why we might never reach subscription fatigue — Vox

On platforms like Substack and Patreon, subscriptions can be emotional purchases. But others, like Amazon Prime, feel more like utilities.

‘A Perfect Positive Storm’: Bonkers Dollars for Big Tech — The New York Times

The dictionary doesn’t have enough superlatives to describe what’s happening to the five biggest technology companies, raising uncomfortable questions for their C.E.O.s.

Imax Grew Q1 Revenue With ‘Godzilla v Kong’ — Just Not Enough for Wall Street

Company lost about as much money as media analysts had forecast

Facebook to pay $5 mln to local journalists in newsletter push | Reuters

Facebook Inc (FB.O) on Thursday said it will give $5 million to pay local journalists in multiyear deals as part of its new publishing platform to help independent writers attract an audience and make money through the social media network.

SpaceX launches 60 more Starlink satellites — TechCrunch

SpaceX has launched another batch of Starlink satellites, adding 60 more to the constellation on orbit. This is the 24th Starlink launch in total, and means SpaceX has now sent up over 1,500 Starlink spacecraft, with around 1,438 of those still in operation. This is the first Starlink launch since April 7 — which, surprisingly, […]

Prime Video’s Social Head of Series Pins AR’s Potential for Fans to Socialize

Ken Gibbs talks how marketers can get fans to engage in real life, his work at BET and more.

Apple AirTags could enable domestic abuse in terrifying ways

AirTags are powerful surveillance technology. And the National Network to End Domestic Violence believes Apple has more work to do to fix them.

Satellite TV: Five Years, That’s All You’ve Got | Multichannel News

Hidden amid the flurry of praise that surrounded AT&T over its relatively strong first quarter performance, mainly for growing its streaming business, was a sentence from one analyst report that kind of brought the whole media transformation narrative home for me in a compact 23 words: “If DirecTV continues to bleed subs at its average pace over the last year, there will be no subs left in 5 years.”

Are these the most ingenious examples of TV show marketing ever? | The Drum

Never has the battle for eyeballs been more epic. And with more choice than ever, entertainment companies are turning to increasingly inventive ways to get people to tune in to their programs. Here, The Drum rounds up some of our favorite TV show marketing from recent years.

Instagram Live takes on Clubhouse with options to mute and turn off the video — TechCrunch

In addition to Facebook’s Clubhouse competitor built within Messenger Rooms and its experiments with a Clubhouse-like Q&A platform on the web, the company is now leveraging yet another of its largest products to take on the Clubhouse threat: Instagram Live. Today, Instagram announced it’s adding new features that will allow users to mute their microphones […]

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio announces date for city to fully reopen

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio joins Morning Joe to announce a date for the city to fully reopen, what it means for the city to fully reopen and his thoughts on federal agents searching Rudy Giuliani’s home and why he says Gov. Cuomo must resign.

How Pixar Uses Hyper-Colors to Hack Your Brain | WIRED

The animation studio’s artists are masters at tweaking light and color to trigger deep emotional responses. Coming soon: effects you’ll only see inside your head.



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