The Radice Files — Episode 28: “Just another brick in the wall”

I thought, naively, that after the election we’d be in a relatively Trump free zone. Even the loss of social media didn’t throw water on Trumpism. And an insurrection didn’t do it either. What we have here is a cockroach. Turn on the lights, and they skitter around, step on them, and they still run away. That’s one reason I made “The Radice Files” a media centric newsletter. What I’ve learned is, there are some thing you can’t quit. So I will keep looking for the media/tech/cultural connection.

Twitter Suspends Account for Resharing Trump’s ‘From the Desk’ Comments

Twitter on Thursday suspended an account for resharing comments Trump made on his new website. Read more here:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Limits Access To Fox News For Ceremony To Sign Voting Restrictions Bill

When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a new law on Thursday that places new restrictions on voting by mail and on the use of drop boxes, he was interviewed live on air by the hosts of Fox & Friends.

Lawyer Says Capitol Defendant Had ‘Foxmania’ From Watching Too Much Fox News | HuffPost

For roughly six months after he was laid off, Anthony Antonio was in a home where Fox News played constantly, his attorney told a court.

Peabody Awards Announces 60 Nominees | The Peabody Awards

Honor Celebrates Best Storytelling Across Broadcasting and Streaming Media Winners to be Announced Virtually in June The Peabody Awards Board of Jurors has selected 60 nominees that represent the most…

Exclusive: YouTube spending $7 million on 2 new journalism programs

It’s the 1st time YouTube is funding journalism independently of Google’s $300 million Google News Initiative.

Review: Jason Statham, Guy Ritchie reunite and have a blast

Jason Statham says very, very little in his new film. The English actor must have only need to memorize about three pages of dialogue. But, as always, he’s very expressive with his hands. And the guns in them…

Sony’s ‘Cinderella’ Starring Camila Cabello Skipping Theaters to Debut on Amazon

Sony’s “Cinderella,” an adaptation of the classic fairy tale starring Camila Cabello, is skipping its planned theatrical debut.

Tensions Over Hulu Expose Fissures Within Disney Streaming — The Information

For more than a dozen years, Hulu was an oddity in video streaming: owned by a group of entertainment giants but controlled by none of them. That fostered a streak of independence at the service — one that employees, who called themselves Hulugans, were proud of.But that independence ended last …

The Pandemic Has Changed Their Shower Habits. How About Yours? — The New York Times

Some people said they started bathing less during the pandemic. As long as no one complains, they say they plan to keep the new habit.

And finally…

This new British Airways TV advert will make you want to fly again — The Points Guy UK

There’s one thing that can often make a frequent flyer and AvGeek like myself get that warm and fuzzy feeling without fail. That is a well-executed airline TV



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