The Radice Files — Episode 44: “Keep Listening”

Frank Radice
3 min readMay 23, 2021

Social media played a crucial role in the coverage of the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict before the cease fire, but will it also be a key to a resolution after?

Palestinians and Israelis have been talking to one another, and listening, all week on Clubhouse.

Five days of conversation during war.

The Linda Lindas Sign With Epitaph Records — Variety

The Linda Lindas, the young female punk band whose concert at the Los Angeles Public Library went viral, have signed with Epitaph Records.

Michael Jackson fans demand an inquiry into his Martin Bashir interview: do they have a case?

Following Lord Dyson’s investigation into Panorama’s Princess Diana ‘scoop’, questions are being asked about Bashir’s 2003 trip to Neverland

Appeals Court Confirms Stars Lost Millions in Weinstein Bankruptcy — The Hollywood Reporter

Spyglass Media wins another round — perhaps the final one — over Weinstein’s old debts.

Zack And Deborah Snyder Talk “Millions” Required To Reshoot Chris D’Elia’s ‘Army Of The Dead’ Part In Wake Of Scandal

In a ‘Vanity Fair’ piece, Zack and Deborah Snyder detailed all that went into scrubbing Chris D’Elia from ‘Army of the Dead.’

Why the James Bond Franchise Complicates Amazon’s Talks to Acquire MGM

The James Bond franchise is MGM’s prize asset, but its complicated deal structure could be a big obstacle to completing a deal.

Trump is sliding toward online irrelevance. His new blog isn’t helping.

The former president’s aides said his new online empire would “redefine the game.” But his heavily promoted blog is seeing fewer visitors than the pet-adoption service Petfinder and the recipe site Delish.

Netflix new push for TikTok talent | LinkedIn

Netflix and Adobe are betting on TikTok’s massive global appeal to find their next “Great Untold” story.

How the Human Life Span Doubled in 100 Years — The New York Times

Between 1920 and 2020, the average human life span doubled. How did we do it? Science mattered — but so did activism.

Something completely different…

Leaked Emails Show Crime App “Citizen” Is Testing On-Demand Security Force

Citizen would deploy private security forces at the request of app users, according to documents and sources.

And finally…

Eurovision: Italian Heavy Metal Band Måneskin Wins 65th Song Contest — Variety

Italian heavy-metal band Måneskin has won the Eurovision crown, beating France and Switzerland.



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