The Radice Files — Issue #127: “Reinstatement day…not”

I promised myself I wouldn’t post any more about the former guy, but not today.

QAnon Marked Friday As Trump ‘Reinstatement’ Day — Here Are Other Flop Predictions Of Trump’s Return

There’s no sound basis for Trump returning as president, but that hasn’t stopped QAnon from picking dates for a comeback — again and again.

As Taliban Forces Close In, Women Journalists Fear For Their Lives

“The Taliban will kill us. It’s our responsibility to share women’s voices and reporting from our country. But it’s become really hard to even write.”

Will brands make good on commitments to Black-owned media?

SHE Media’s Meaningful Marketplaces platform connects advertisers with advertisers based on both audience and ownership.

Facebook is bringing end-to-end encryption to Messenger calls and Instagram DMs — TechCrunch

Facebook has extended the option of using end-to-end encryption for Messenger voice calls and video calls. End-to-end encryption (E2EE) — a security feature that prevents third-parties from eavesdropping on calls and chats — has been available for text conversations on Facebook’s flagship messaging service since 2016. Although the company has faced pressure from governments to […]

Could car subscriptions be the next big thing for EVs? | Greenbiz

In this future, no one owns cars but we’re still driving them.

Audi’s new prototype is a futuristic self-driving electric car that can change its shape at a button press — take a look

The Skysphere concept car can expand by 25cm in its self-driving mode, giving passengers extra legroom while they watch movies, Audi said.

Nielsen Has “Deep Rooted, Ongoing Performance Issues,’ MRC Says | Broadcasting+Cable

The Media Rating Council, the watchdog that audits measurement companies, said that issues with Nielsen’s national ratings service could threaten its accreditation.

Nvidia Reveals Its CEO Was Computer Generated in Keynote Speech

Nvidia pulled off a stunt to promote and showcase its latest technology by digitizing its CEO Jensen Huang in a conference keynote.

DirecTV and Dish in Terminal Orbit? Their Satellites Are About to Age Out | Next TV

The two legacy satellite TV operators face an existential problem that even a merger won’t fix

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