The Radice Files — Issue #141 “Lithium: it’s not just a drug””

The Taliban may have something to say about how much that new electric vehicle will cost. Who here thinks that’s not on the politicians mind?

The Taliban might appear medieval in their approach, but they could influence the future of transportation. The Pentagon has described Afghanistan as the Saudi Arabia of lithium, the mineral that’s a central ingredient of batteries used in electric cars. Afghanistan’s total untapped mineral wealth could amount to $3 trillion, its lithium reserves potentially as large as Bolivia’s. What the Taliban does with this lithium could determine how much your EV costs in the future. (Via OZY)

Big Tech Wants You to Live in a Virtual World. Prepare for Real Problems. — WSJ

Facebook and other companies view the ‘metaverse’ as the next big thing, but user discretion is advised.

TikTok, Reddit, and Facebook are struggling with ivermectin misinformation — The Verge

With a new wave of misinformation about ivermectin as a cure for COVID-19, platforms like TikTok, Reddit, and Facebook are again struggling with moderation.

January 6 committee seeks answers on misinformation from social media companies — CNNPolitics

The House Select Committee investigating the deadly January 6 Capitol riot sent letters to 15 social media companies, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, seeking to understand how misinformation and efforts to overturn the election by both foreign and domestic actors existed on their platforms.

World’s largest chipmaker to raise prices, threatening costlier electronics | Fox Business

The price increases come in the wake of a global semiconductor shortage that has affected Apple and most car makers, including General Motors Co. and Toyota Motor Corp.

Spike Lee Removes 9/11 Conspiracy Theories From HBO Docuseries

Director said Wednesday he would re-edit the series following criticism

Next_TV_Black_Vertical Copy

We’re looking at a pretty long and slow death spiral for the current linear TV ecosystem. The end will come in one of two way

WSJ News Exclusive | ABC News President Calls for Independent Investigation of Sexual Assault Allegations

A lawsuit by an ABC News staffer accused former “Good Morning America” producer Michael Corn of sexual assault. He denied the allegations.

ESPN Is Seeking $3 Billion in Sports-Betting Deals (Report)

ESPN is looking to partner with major sports-betting houses and is having discussions to license its brand name in deals.

TikTok Tests Longer Video, More Options For Advertisers 08/27/2021

TikTok Tests Longer Video, More Options For Advertisers — 08/27/2021

How the ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Succession Plan Went Sideways — WSJ

Nine months ago, Sony Pictures Entertainment executives thought they had an ideal successor for “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek in former contestant Ken Jennings, people close to the program said.

Microsoft is discontinuing its Office apps for Chromebook users in favor of web versions — TechCrunch

Since 2017, Microsoft has offered its Office suite to Chromebook users via the Google Play store, but that is set to come to an end in a few short weeks. As of September 18, Microsoft is discontinuing support for Office (which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook) on Chromebook. Microsoft is not, however, abandoning […]

With COVID on the rise, here are contingency plans for major Savannah festivals, museums, parades

With COVID cases rising, the City of Savannah is considering event restrictions. Local festivals, museums and parades are staying on alert with plans.

Parents Sued Over the Bitcoin Their Children Stole

Andrew Schober wants his money back, and then some.

Apple Announces Tentative Settlement of One of Several App Store-Related Lawsuits

This lawsuit is similar to, but different from the iPhone maker’s ongoing legal battle with “Fortnite” developer Epic Games

The Amazon Prime Video ‘Purge’: Why the Massive SVOD Library Appears to Have Fewer Titles to Binge on These Days

In the words of one observer, the vast Amazon Prime Video smorgasbord is ‘enduring one of the biggest apparent purges of content we’ve ever seen’

Scientists Identify Massive Ocean Worlds That May Host Alien Life

A new class of ‘Hycean’ planets may have just expanded the definition of habitability.

5 times Ted Lasso reminded us what great leadership looks like

Apple TV’s Ted Lasso is like a cheat sheet for being a good leader.

The Beatles announce massive ‘Let It Be’ reissue with 27 previously unreleased recordings

Stream three tracks, including the rooftop recording of ”Don’t Let Me Down,” now.

And finally…

Stevie Van Zandt’s Long Walk Home From E Street — Rolling Stone

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Frank Radice

Frank Radice

Emmy winning journalist, producer, director, composer, and author. Sharing content about tech, politics, media, and culture, and writing about the New Normal.

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