What good is creative if no one sees it?

In the 20th century, media was dominated by print, radio, out of home, and television.

These were the dominant methods to reach a large audience in an effort to change behavior.

Buy a product, watch a certain channel, take a trip to a far away land, and so on.

“Advertisements alert people about new products and services in the market that could potentially fill their needs or solve their problems.” Ad Age

A typical ad will let you know what the service or product is, where to see it or buy it, for how much, by whom, why it should be bought, and when it’s available.

The power of the media helps you to reach millions of people all at the same time.

There are 3 types of media, owned, paid, and earned.

Owned is the ability to place your ads on media that you completely own or control. A promo for an NBC show placed on the NBC network, the owned cable channels like USA and Bravo, or the web sites. That is owned media.

Paid media is the purchase of placement. An ad for toothpaste on a billboard, in a newspaper, on the radio, or on TV. That is paid media.

Earned media is the result of PR that generates press, word of mouth, or social spread of the message. That is earned media.

In the 21st century, Social media has become highly important because it allows you to reach, engage, and converse with your target audience. It’s obviously earned media if it’s shared or retweeted, but it can contain owned and paid as well.

I would argue that social is the 4th leg of the chair these days.

Now it’s owned, earned, paid, and social.

There are also lots other types of creative marketing that fall into one or more of these buckets.

They include event marketing, place based marketing, voice/AI, guerrilla marketing,

logo’d premiums and many more.

I even know a guy who put logos on millions of pieces of fruit, and I gave away many thousands of plush egg toy beanie babies when the National Egg Board sponsored the Today Show Concert series.

No matter which type of advertising you choose, the creative has to be compelling, and regardless of wether it’s owned, earned, paid, or social…there are still only 2 constants…like death and taxes…in the ad world it’s, reach and frequency.

So…say it a lot, and put it everywhere.

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